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Transforming the HR Department to Become More Employee-Centric to enhance global employee experience

strategic design | process design | employee experience design | project management


In this service design project, the goal was to transform the HR department into a more employee-centric entity with a global impact. By analyzing the employee experience and identifying areas for improvement, we developed an employee experience strategy to guide all HR operations. The project aimed to enhance the employee experience and support the HR team in transforming their approach.

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HR director


project management

user research

data analysis

workshop facilitation 

concept design


implementation support


user journey mapping
co-creation workshops
impact matrix


9 months

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The first phase of the project involves problem definition, where ambiguity exists among employees regarding roles and responsibilities between employees, supervisors, and the HR team concerning employee matters. The HR team recognized the need to revamp their approach to meet the needs of employees and align with strategic goals, such as enhancing employee experience, reducing turnover, and effectively managing resources.

To tackle this challenge, I started with in-depth user research to map out the current employee experience and analyze the HR functions and processes. This phase involved interviews, surveys, observations, and co-creation workshops to gather insights and analyze the current state.

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Based on the research findings, concept development workshops will be conducted with employees and the HR team. These workshops served as a platform for generating ideas and refining concepts that align with the goal of creating an employee-centric HR department. The co-creation helped identify the key moments important for the employee experience and what experience gaps there currently were in the organisation.

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The final result included a strategic framework for the HR department as well as concrete interventions to improve the employee experience. To test and validate the concepts I conducted a workshop with employees to simulate and test the interventions in order to gather feedback.

Based on the feedback I moved forward to improving the concepts and refining the EX strategy of the HR department. This iterative process ensured that the final solution aligned with the expectations and needs of the stakeholders.

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Having delivered my solutions, the concepts and strategy are now implemented by the HR department, nowadays called People and Culture. I provided training on the framework and have continued to consult with the department in their planning and implementation of the new approach. They have incorporated the strategic framework into their operations and are in the process of transforming many of their tasks to become more employee-centric. Driven by their core EX principles of being human and accessible, they now enable a more people-friendly workplace, improving the well-being and efficiency for employees.

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The project resulted in a strategic framework for HR, experience concepts to further improve the employee experience within the organization, and a rebranding of the department as the People and Culture department. These new strategies and interventions provided momentum and credibility to the department's transformation efforts. Additionally, the collaborative nature of the project enabled employees globally to shift their perception of the HR department, with the visible adoption of an employee-centric approach.

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My biggest realization during this project was that facilitating employee experience is itself a significant factor impacting the employee experience. It is akin to delivering a service while still getting to know the customer. Efforts should be focused on planning and expectation management, particularly when conducting large-scale public co-creation activities that affect the entire organization. Reflection and learning from the project will help refine future service design endeavors and ensure continuous improvement.

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