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Building an employer brand strategy to attract future talents

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In this project, we aimed to enhance the employer brand and attract top talent by recreating the organization's employer brand strategy. Drawing insights from current trends, specifically the future of work, we aimed to align the strategy with the organization's strategic resourcing goals.

Based on extensive user research involving employees, leaders, and recruitment data, the project resulted in an employer brand strategy including a communication plan, a renewed website, and other employer brand touchpoints such as impactful videos and recruitment experience touchpoints. Everything was founded on the strategic needs of the growing organization and the employee value proposition identified during the design process.

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HR Coordinator
HR Assistant


user research

data analysis

concept development

visual branding

UX design

art directing - website - video


5 months

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With the end goal in mind, we started with benchmarking, qualitative, and quantitative research to understand employees' experiences of the organization and all processes concerning recruitment and onboarding. This included interviews and surveys with both employees and leaders. Based on the insights, the organization's employee value proposition (EVP) was identified, as well as key target user personas, which continued to guide the design of the employer brand.

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The concept creation and validation process involved iterative testing to optimize the communication strategy, videos, and employer brand interactions. I took responsibility for renewing the content and visual image of the careers website, gradually developing new pages from wireframes to final mockups. These designs were then ready for implementation by the marketing team, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing website that effectively conveyed the employer brand.

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With a refined employer brand strategy, renewed website, and optimized communication channels and connected media, we moved forward with the implementation. This involved a continuous process of maintaining and improving the employer brand, monitoring its impact, and making necessary adjustments according to the strategic resource goals to ensure ongoing success.

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The project had a significant impact on the organization, resulting in a strengthened employer brand to attract top talent and engage current employees. Providing supervisors, marketing teams and the people and culture team with a fresh employer brand strategy, has helped them to improve their communication and processes. This led to improved recruitment experiences, increased employee engagement, and a stronger overall employer brand, positioning the organization as an attractive employer of choice in the industry.

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Throughout the project, we encountered the challenge of siloed planning between the people and culture department and the marketing department, leading to delays in implementation due to differing schedules and priorities. We learned the importance of foreseeing workloads and actively involving stakeholders from other departments in the planning process. By improving collaboration and alignment during the duration of the project, we achieved a successful outcome.

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